13th March 2018 Market Outlook

Aussie Yen – AUD/JPY rejected its 84.00–83.73 resistance area yesterday which could potentially lead price lower in the coming days. Given that the trend is bearish at the moment, traders may consider shorting this market to join this bearish trend. Traders may also place the stops 1 or 2 ATR above the 84.00–83.73 resistance area to limit the lost in case price moves against us.



Kiwi Dollar – NZD/USD rally higher after price rejected its 0.7190 support level. Price is heading back into its 0.7435 resistance level therefore traders may hunt for potential buy setups to jump on the bullish swing. Traders may also zoom in to the lower time frames charts to look for buy setups to fine tune the entry for a more favorable risk:reward trade.



Swedish Krona – USD/SEK continue to consolidates and if price pullback into its 8.1400 support level, traders may consider buying into this market to jump on the short term bullish trend. On the other hand, if price breakout above its consolidation, we are likely going to see further rally coming into this market and traders may also buy at the breakout of the consolidation to jump on the potential bullish move.